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Conscious Capital® has a mission to “expeditiously fund solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and vision to “create plenty for the many.” 

Those who do business with Conscious Capital use wealth that has goodness and equity for all humanity, inhabitants and the planet. 

Headquartered in Switzerland, Conscious Capital AG’s innovative technology platform will match SMEs and small mid-caps with aligned institutional and private investors, so such companies can continue to innovate and grow with purpose and investors can achieve impact beyond financial return. 

In Europe, there is a funding gap of 30 – 50M euros and, because of this, there exists a great challenge: the loss of jobs, innovation, intellectual property, and economic growth.

Conscious Capital AG’s technology platform will enable expeditious funding toclose this funding gap, and, for the first time, give citizens globally will have the opportunity to invest alongside institutional investors and family offices – collaboration that results in wealth creation and growth for all.

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