Intake & Risk.  With the objective of achieving balanced risk against return, The Afya Fund seeks to invest in U.S., African and European companies serving Africa; early stage and established businesses, healthcare technology, and brick and mortar.  European and U.S. companies must already be working in Africa or have a demonstrable intent and strategy in place to do so.

Diligence & Validation.  Apart from our Five Determinants Model, our team conducts due diligence, leveraging its on-the-ground experience and knowledge of the African healthcare landscape, as well as drawing upon an extensive network of diligence and legal professionals across the continent.

Market Research.  Our team conducts extensive market research and SWOT analysis, both at the macro level (regional demographics and within health sectors) and the micro level (sub-sector and investee company).

Sources of Deal Flow.  The Afya Fund is focused primarily on the SME healthcare sector, where there is a a strong need for consolidation. Sources of deal flow originate from the deep knowledge and extensive network of our team.

Impact. A key part of our diligence process is to ensure a company can demonstrate a meaningful and significant positive impact on the community in which it operates.

The Afya Way

Capital & Strategy Planning Expertise. Effective capital and strategic planning, both at the highest and lowest rungs of the organization, helps to reduce capital leakage.

Management Evaluation & Governance.   Stringent governance criteria must be met, both on the macro level (government and business) and the micro level (management’s integrity and competence). Whilst we will work with management to resolve and improve levels of competency, integrity is a necessity.

Network & Reach.  Our team has unique networks across Africa, having collaborated with multiple stakeholders from diverse disciplines, including local pharma companies, healthcare organizations, NGOs, governments, consultancy and law firms operating across more than 20 countries.

Our networks are woven deeply into the fabric of the countries where we seek to invest, which helps us to source opportunities, understand the inherent risk of operating in those countries, and help ensure positive outcomes for all.

Expertise.  Our team has both boots-on-the-ground investment experience and extensive experience investing in Africa from the U.S.

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